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Untagged  28 Feb 2013
Sanjay Sharma
Guru Smriti- A Musical Tribute to Bharat Ratna Pandit Ravi Shankar by SRRVP 10th Feb 2013 by Sanjay Sharma
SRRVP- GURU SMRITI 10th Feb 2013


The year 2012 had  been full of events and activities. The year will be remembered for a very long time, as we had lost two eminent stalwarts of Indian Classical Music. We laid rest to the  year 2012 and also the physical remains of Bharat Ratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and Bharat Ratna Pandit Ravi Shankar. In the field of Theatre Arts, we all suffered a severe jolt through demise of superstar actor Rajesh Khanna and great film producer Yash Chopra.

Our institution of  making musical instruments has had a deep and inspiring relationship with GURU JI (Pandit Ravi Shankar ji) for the past 70 years, from the time of my grand father and continued till his last days passing brilliantly through three generations. The occasion of my father's birth anniversary is a fitting and appropriate moment to pay our sincere  homage to the GURU JI whose name stands synonymous with Sitar and contribution that he gave to Indian as well as World Music, will live in our memories forever. This will also stand there as guide to serve more for our music.

A deep and wide vacuum has been created in the life of our Indian Instrumental Music, perhaps I feel it will be most difficult to fill any sooner. Guru ji always used to inspire our Institution to think of new innovative creation on instruments, by going deep on further research in various forms and models of Instrument making. We have been successful in creatively designing many new Musical Instruments. New type of Sitar was conceived, which is now available to be carried like Guitar and most suitable for the young as well as established maestros for specialized performances.


We deeply mourn his demise and pray for his soul to rest in the most heavenly place for celestial beings. We send our heartfelt condolences to his family with prayers for giving them strength and courage to bear this huge irreparable loss and indeed loss to musical fraternity in India and abroad.


Our collective national psyche has also been under tremendous stress during the Year 2012  caused due to rampant occurrence of atrocities on men and women all around and coupled with spate of corruption cases in public life. There is a virtual loss of faith in the system of administration in every part of the country. As a citizen it is  quite natural to feel sad about it. But one of the root causes of the malady is absence of melody and increased tension in the minds of every body in a fast paced rushed up  and restless life today, backed by constant innovations of science and technology.


The most effective antidote is melody of Indian Classical Music and it's propagation right from the school days on a planned and sustainable budget. It can definitely bring about transformative changes in the mental attitudes of youth, who are more restless today.We as an instrument maker, also through our Organization, can lend a helping hand to Government Institutions & NGO'S  to spread the music and musical tradition with positive atmosphere, so badly needed today on a wide scale.


The recognition of art and artists is the sign of cultural maturity for any Nation but unfortunately in India ruling class do not find time to devote seriously and in a planned way to this supreme cause. As a result people do not want their children to pursue music as a career. Musicians earn their maximum revenue from their performance  abroad. Many artists of repute have left the country under frustration and settled outside in various parts of the world where the Indian Music tradition is given due apace and respect. For a country of our size (100 billion people) it is a sad commentary. The promotion of Indian Classical Music & Dance along with many traditional forms of folk music are necessary, meaningful also a perquisite to maintain peace, harmony and healthy inter-personal relationship in our society of diverse faith and belief. Reason being that, music transcends all these boundaries and reach directly to a man's or woman's heart. It can also help in reducing unemployment  on a large scale by encouraging music as a sustainable career.


We, for a straight third year in a row, have organized a Musical Tribute to commemorate my father's 84th birth anniversary also, to propagate our Indian Classical Music. We have also planned to facilitate foreign artists on this occasion, who are pursuing our Indian Musical tradition devotedly as their career and choosing India as their home.  We sincerely wish and hope that our efforts will make an impact both on the listeners of our musical programme  and those who  are in corridors of power, who read about it from media, to wake up and do something to propagate the value and importance of Indian Classical music in a planned way. We look forward to your  gracious presence along with your family and kids  on this occasion on 10th Feb, 2013 as per the detailed programme invite sent to you. Music provides an opportunity to move out from our ceaseless thinking process to sink into presence. Wish you  all a melodious year 2013 with sounds of love always ringing in and around you with peace and plenty.


Sanjay Sharma


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