India has a rich tradition of stringed instruments. In Sanskrit, a stringed instrument is generically referred to as a vina. The ancient texts are replete with countless descriptions of vinas of every sort and fashion. They have traditionally been broken down into two categories, Tat and Vitat. These mean plucked and unplucked respectively. The tat class of Indian stringed instruments are all either plucked or hammered. These include such various instruments as hammered dulcimers, lutes and harps. The vitat is a class of stringed instruments which are bowed. This class appears to be quite old, yet these instruments did not occupy a place in classical music until the last few centuries.

  •  Santoor
  •  Sarod
  •  Surbahar
  •  Tamboura (Tanpura)
  •  Swarmandal
  •  Veena
  •  Rubab
  •  Dotara