Santoor ~ the Instrument

The santoor is a 94 or 123 stringed instrument family of hammered dulcimer, indigenous to the Kashmir valley as a Indian folk instrument. “Shata-tantri-veena”, or hundred stringed lute, it was know in our ancient times.

The santoor is made of maple or mulburry or walnut wood, shaped like a trapezoid, and the strings are high carbon spring steel. The santoor is played with a pair of curved mallets(hammers) made of walnut or rose wood. Now with maestros instruction of new playing techniques, Santoor is categorized as Indian Classical solo Musical Instrument.

Rikhi Ram’s Santoor Legacy/Specialty

Since Rikhi Ram brand was formed, Santoor has been made for all performing maestros. Masterly structure details, supports setup along with braisings for santoor’s top are our speciality which makes this instrument of Rikhi Ram stand apart and delivers concert sound.

About Rikhi Ram’s Santoor

Rikhi Ram’s santoor are made from different combinations of woods, as per style and hammered weight of a mallets by a musician.

We have totally different formats of making two known style of santoors exisiting in our musical heritage as, Pt Shiv Kumar Style(94 strings, 31 bridges) and the other named as Pt Bhajan Sopori style(123 strings, 41 bridges).

They are made after long hours of instrument discussions and sound setup with these maestros, to be kept as set patterns for production. Experience of almost of century in this fine art makes Rikhi Ram’s santoor high defination sound quality.